ldren are born ready to learn. Expert educationists confirm that a child's brain develops at an extraordinary pace during the early years of life. By the time children are six, 85 percent of their intellect, personality and skills have been developed.

Our Approach

At Pakshalika, we have a complete child centered, age appropriate learning program to help children become confident, independent & develop a positive attitude towards learning.
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The environment at Pakshalika is colourful & cheerful. The use of bright colours, attractive furniture & carefully selected play materials set up a welcoming & caring ambience.
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Our Curriculum

A well planned curriculum forms the heart of our preschool. Our curriculum is flexible and is adapted by the teachers to address the developmental needs of each child.
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Innovative Methods of

The Pakshalika teachers are motivated and have passion and commitment to do the best for children. A balanced teacher student ratio ensures individualized attention to each and every student. Through frequent teacher training workshops we ensure that they are kept informed about the latest in the field of child development and education.
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